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Connecting Seats
Seats that translate every language in real-time

Airports are crowded with people from different backgrounds.
Can we bring them together for Christmas?

Airports can be lonely places. Especially when you are travelling around Christmastime. So, to bring people together in the season of togetherness, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines created ‘The Connecting Seats’. Unique seats that give travellers the opportunity to talk to anyone they want, because the seats translate every language in real time!

The Connecting Seats were equipped with built-in speakers, a directional microphone and hardware connected to Google’s Cloud Speech.

The Connecting Seats yielded some warm and emotional chats in which people exchanged fun anecdotes, Christmas wishes and their views on the world. Ultimately, travellers from over 30 different nationalities put their phones or books aside and opened up to each other.

Bringing people together, literally, is something we strive for every day at KLM.